No matter your industry, we have a solution for your sewage lines inspection that suits your needs


Cut your PACP inspection and analysis costs by 80-95%

As a municipality, you are always looking to optimize your budget and increase efficiency. Can-Ex Technologies provides cities and towns with the means to efficiently monitor and survey their sewer system assets by centralizing their inspection data.


Increase the efficiency and quality of your deliverables by 37%

Sewer inspections are your bread and butter, so you’ll do everything you can to make yours as seamless and high-quality as possible. Can-Ex Technologies offers leading-edge tools that make your day-to-day operations a breeze.

Engineering firms

Collaborate with colleagues while managing and organizing data with ease

Each project requires different teams and departments to sync up with one another. Don’t let anything get lost in translation, and don’t lose precious time due to siloing: organize your data where everyone can access it and share their ideas.

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