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Available features
  • Web-based data: Access from anywhere and by an unlimited number of computers or tablets
  • Access by an unlimited number of users
  • Unlimited and free read-only access
  • PACP certification
  • MACP certification
  • LACP certification (coming soon)
  • Smart report - Conventional
  • Data collection module – Off-line
  • Integration of data into GIS
  • 360-degree visual display tool
  • Laser profilometer tool (coming soon)
  • Smart report – Customizable
  • Smart report – Customizable and interactive (coming soon)
  • Performance monitoring tool
  • Gamification (coming soon)
  • AI : Coding assistance tool
  • AI : Distance
  • AI : Prediction of sections to clean
  • AI : Prediction of degradation over time

*Please note that certain functionalities are not available for the moment. Contact us for more information.

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The fees are based on the volume of data and vary according to the options selected. 

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